Others may paint to express reality, I like to capture reality like a painting.

A recurring theme in my work is that of Reflection.
Light has the power to bring ordinary objects to life, revealing new forms and dimensions. Even though those forms may seem from another world, they very much express our reality.

If you look closely, you will see the reflection of your soul.




Walls Of France

Just like people, walls have the power to reflect the past, embrace the present and face the future. Just like walls, people are just a facade, marked by time and full of hidden secrets.

Photos shot in France


Sometimes the most beautiful and romantic shots are not found among the most popular elements of nature. An old wrinkled leaf or a simple branch can stand out with an unusual charisma.

Photos shot in Charlottesville, Virginia


Heat, sand and stone.  The power of the desert seeps deeply in your soul.

Photos shot in Tunisia

View Water Forest Collection Water Forest

The silent love affair between wood and water.

Photos shot in Charlottesville, VA, and the North Carolina outerbanks

View Reflection Collection #1 Reflection Collection #1

Objects are never what they seem. Perception is subjective. Reflection exposes the inner beauty of ordinary objects.

Light Reflection #2 Atlantis Collection

Images reminiscent of the Deep Blue. Atlantis found. The mind relaxes and becomes restful.

Light Reflection #2 Metallica

Dark, light, depth combined yields metallic effect.

Light Reflection #2 Abstracts

A collection of shape, form and texture.

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